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History of Taekwondo

Members of the Korean army were among the first students of Tae Kwon Do, joined soon thereafter by the Korean air force and police. In 1961 the Korean Taekwondo Union was formed by the Soo Bakh Do Association and the Tae Soo Do Association. The name was changed the following year to the Korean Taekwondo Association...


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Guiding Principals

Our schools and teaching methods are guided by a common set of values which are very similar to the Boy-Girl Scouts of America. We believe that training in Taekwondo is an opportunity to teach important values which will not only help our students achieve higher ranks in Taekwondo, but also will stay with...

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  • Over 25 years of experience Professional instructors
  • Modern, state-of-the-art facilities
  • Eleven convenient martial arts schools in Connecticut area
  • A positive and encouraging atmosphere
  • And more!

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World Champion Taekwondo Derby/Orange

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