Mary, Derby, CT

My daughter has been taking classes at World Champion Tae Kwon Do with  Master Jang in Derby for 2 ½ years now.  She was skeptical at first about taking the martial arts, but turns out, she loves it and she’s good at it!  Master Jang is really patient with all the kids that come to his school.  He takes the time to help those that don’t follow along and understand the first time that something is taught.  He jokes around with the kids and everyone has a good time, but he can be serious during the times when he needs to be in order to keep everyone focused on the class.  Master Jang has taken a 3rd degree black belt under his wing to train as a master in Tae Kwon Do himself.  Instructor AJ has a lot of skill, talent, and is also very good with the kids.  He has proven himself to be an exemplary apprentice.  Both Master Jang and Instructor AJ are very well respected by all the students who really seem to love going to class.  The children all support and they cheer each other on.  When any child starts with Master Jang; they are rewarded with a stripe system. The more stripes you earn; you will get a star.  The stars and stripes on their uniforms mean you are doing well and training hard.  If they perform well at their regular school, they may bring in their report card or something stating they achieved success at school and they will earn more stripes at Tae Kwon Do school.  The whole class applauds for the student that brings in something they have done well on in school.  The student is cheered a “Champion”. They are also given special patches to put on their uniforms for over achieving.  My daughter has gained great confidence in herself by partaking in Tae Kwon Do; not only by attending regular classes, but also by competing in tournaments and winning medals.  My daughter is learning how to defend herself; she is doing physical fitness, learning respect for her teachers, as well as others, and learning to memorize better by repetition when practicing her forms.  She is not only strengthening herself as an individual; she is learning the culture of being part of a team.

What is the Benefit of doing Taekwondo? How have you improved since starting?

Aimee, Black Belt Student

The Benefit of doing Taekwondo is to help build confidence, strength, motivation, and perseverance. I've improve since a few years ago, with focus, agility, and several more. When I first started Taekwondo, I thought it wasn't interesting, almost boring. Now that I'll be getting my Black Belt soon, I really enjoy it and wish to do more classes each week!

Emilia, Student

Taekwondo benefits/ enhances, self-esteem by heightening your physical and mental powers. Build confidence by encouraging your to succeed and to take control of your life. Develop discipline by thoroughly training your body and mind in the tenets and techniques of Taekwondo.

My self-esteem improved. I'm more flexible and I have more confidence.

Molor, Black Belt Student

It can help you lose weight and gain strength, flexibility, and endurance. Taekwondo can also help grow confidence, and help you to achieve greater peace and harmony. A few other benefits are that you can learn self-defense techniques and improve physical and mental health. Lastly, you gain better listening skills and become more calm and focuses. I have improved myself of gaining new skills and flexibility. I have also improved both my physical and mental health. Finally, I have learned new techniques and moves.

Emma, Black Belt Student

The benefit of doing T.K.D is it teaches you so many great things like self-defense and form but also respect and discipline. I have improved in many things doing T.K.D like respect for my parents and peers. Also, I have improved my focus.

Andrue, Black Belt Student

The benefit of doing T.K.D. is to enhance self-esteem by heightening your physical and mental powers. It builds confidence by encouraging you to do your best. 

Since I started T.K.D. I am more focused. Also, I enjoy doing T.K.D. and it improves my strength.